AH 114 : Introduction to Pathophysiology

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Intro to Pathophysiology



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Course Description

Reviews abnormal pathological changes that occur within individual organs and body systems as the result of a disease process. Disease processes are studied in detail with regard to the cause, pathological features, physical signs and symptoms, diagnostic procedures, current preferred treatment, prognosis and pertinent public health issues. Students will also identify and define medical terms related to all body systems. Designed for Allied Health programs.

Course learning outcomes

1. Compare structure and function of the human body across the lifespan.
2. Describe the normal function of each body system.
3. Analyze pathology for each body system including signs, symptoms, etiology diagnostic, measures, and treatment modalities.
4. Identify and describe medical word elements.
5. Define medical terms and abbreviations related to all body parts.

Content outline

  1. Medical terminology
  2. Body structure and function
  3. Integumentary system/genetics
  4. Muscle/skeletal system
  5. Nervous system
  6. Special senses/endocrine system
  7. Cardiovascular/blood systems
  8. Circulatory system
  9. Respiratory/digestive systems
  10. Urinary/reproductive systems

Required materials

Required textbook and software from publisher. Students must have access to a computer and the internet.

Outside of

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