ART 157A1 : Metalwork & Jewelry - Hot Fabrication I

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Metalwork/Jewelry-Hot Fab I



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Introduction to the basic skills used to fabricate non-ferrous metals including silver, copper and copper alloys to make jewelry or other small metal objects. Projects will be joined using high temperature silver solder and natural gas/compressed air torches as the heat source. Additional instruction includes developing designs, annealing, drilling, sawing, filing, texturing, dapping and finishing techniques.

Course learning outcomes

1. Develop the skills necessary to effectively manipulate nonferrous metal to make jewelry or other small-scale objects in a controlled manner using hand tools.
2. Develop skill-joining metal by sweat soldering the parts using high temperature silver solder and natural gas/compressed air as the heat source.
3. Learn to recognize and attain a high level of craftsmanship.
4. Understand how to achieve a good design for metalwork by creating a balance between the various elements which provide contrast in a design; using the unifying principles of design to make the elements visually cohesive; developing the sensitivity to recognize a visually appealing division of space to create a strong composition.
5. Develop critical and creative thinking skills to generate several imaginative preliminary ideas; design an extended series of one of the ideas using innovative or exploratory thinking; problem-solve while creating the project; suggest ways to improve the weaknesses in design solutions.

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