ART 157A2 : Metalwork & Jewelry - Hot Fabrication II

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Metalwork/Jewelry-Hot Fab II



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Recommended preparation

ART 157A1.

Course Description

Builds the skills learned in ART 157A1. Students will develop soldering skill by designing more complex and dimensional projects. Bezel setting a cabochon stone, making hinges, and more complex forming techniques and texturing methods will also be included.

Course learning outcomes

1. Develop intermediate skills for forming and texturing nonferrous metal to make jewelry or other small-scale objects
in a controlled manner.
2. Develop soldering skill with more complex and dimensional constructions; soldering bezels and hinges; learn to
stick feed solder; and learn to use different temperature grades of silver solders.
3. Create more sophisticated and detailed designs, which exhibit a strong understanding of good design qualities.
4. Improve creative thinking skills by problem solving to build more complex soldering set-ups.

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