ART 159A2 : Metalwork & Jewelry - Forming II

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Metalwork/Jewelry-Forming II



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Recommended preparation

ART 157A1 and ART 159A1.


Builds on the skills learned in ART 159A1. The projects can be fabricated from sheet metal using angle raising, shell forming, hydraulic-press forming and electro-forming. Projects may include the use of hot and/or cold connections and non-metal materials.

Learning outcomes

1. Understand and develop a visual vocabulary.
2. Master techniques and skills of good craftsmanship to completed jewelry and metal design projects and course assignments.
3. Masterly generate, consider, and evaluate problems in jewelry and metal design.
4. Master production of quality work through the application of a variety of jewelry and metal design techniques and media.
5. Master knowledge of basic compositional guidelines for jewelry and metal design and apply them effectively to completed course projects and assignments.

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