ART 159B2 : Metalwork & Jewelry - Etching & Hydraulic Press II

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ART 159B1 and either ART 157A1 or ART 157B1.

Course Description

Builds on the skills learned in ART 159B1. Etching resists will include markers, oil paint and asphaltum varnish as resists for copper. Non-conforming carved acrylic and liquid steel conforming dies will be made to form the etched metal using the hydraulic press.

Course learning outcomes

1. Create wax models in a controlled manner to use for casting.
2. Develop skill spruing and investing models to cast.
3. Fuse wire to make links and basic chains.
4. Recognize and attain a high level of craftsmanship.
5. Understand how to achieve a good design for cast metalwork.
6. Develop critical and creative thinking skills.

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