ART 292 : Site Specific Sculpture

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Site Specific Sculpture



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Recommended preparation

ART 117 and/or ART 191.


Explores the possibilities of using non-traditional means such as site, time, and interactivity to communicate ideas. Through a process of research and collaboration, students create interactive sculptural artworks on site. Culminates with a public exhibition of individual and group projects/installations.

Learning outcomes

1. Describe and appreciate the history and development of installation art during the second half of the 20th century.
2. Recognize the work of major artists associated with site-based and installation art.
3. Identify the aesthetic, cultural, psychological and social elements of installation art.
4. Employ installation art as an effective medium of expression and communication.
5. Practice safe use of power tools and hand tools.

Content outline

1. History of site specific, environmental (Land Art, Earthworks), interactive and ephemeral art
2. Strategies for developing ideas (i.e. experiencing and playing with materials, imagining, dreaming, visualizing, symbolizing, writing, reading, researching, studying historical and cultural examples, sketching, collaborating, discussing)
3. Strategies for problem solving towards concretion of ideas in sculptural form (i.e. sketches, plans, maquettes, test pieces, models) relating to site specific and outdoor artworks
4. Selection of materials in relation to site and/or context
5. Architectural interventions

Required materials

Students will need to provide specific materials used in this course, please see the syllabus for a detailed list.

Grading methods

Grading will be based on participation in labs, discussions and critiques of completed assignments and evidenced development of technical and conceptual skills.

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