AV 230 : Multiengine Pilot

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Multiengine Pilot



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AV 220 (or Commercial Pilot Certificate) and AV 250 (or Certified Flight Instructor/Flight Instructor with Instrument).


Ground instruction of aeronautical skills and knowledge applicable to the commercial multi-engine pilot certification. Emphasis is on engine failure, multiengine aerodynamics, minimum controllable airspeed, propeller feathering, V-speeds, flight planning, decision-making, human factors, and crew resource management.

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate commercial level knowledge of multi-engine airplane aerodynamics.
2. Demonstrate commercial level knowledge of multi-engine airplane systems operations.
3. Develop familiarity with FAA regulations governing multi-engine airplane certifications and operations.
4. Develop sufficient knowledge to pass the FAA oral and practical multiengine exam.

Content outline

Multiengine Ratings
High Altitude Endorsement
Multi-Engine Systems
Engine-Out Aerodynamics
Weight Balance
Performance Planning
Preflight Operations
Normal Operations
Takeoff Cruise Flight
Engine-Out Operations
Checkride Preparation

Required materials

Requires textbook and/or online learning materials.

Grading methods

This course is assessed through participation, homework, exams, and a final exam.

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