BA 207 : Management Fundamentals II

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Management Fundamentals II



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BA 206.


Covers the scope of activities and roles required to be an effective manager. Applying individual and group behavior and leadership theories, and exploring the critical skills of self-management, communication, logical thinking and team building, the major functional areas of management are examined in depth through the exploration of practical applications. Case study analysis and discussion are used extensively as the instructional methods.

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate practical knowledge of management practices as planning, organizing, leading and controlling in a variety of organizational settings.
2. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the process and tools of strategic planning including global management considerations and challenges.
3. Describe the human resources management process, including various techniques managers can use in evaluating employee performance.
4. Identify internal and external forces for change and explain how to overcome resistance to change.
5. Describe techniques on encouraging innovation to increase organizational performance.
6. Analyze and understand various leadership theories and the practice of leadership. Topics include leadership, leadership theories, motivation, and influence.
7. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of operational processes in both manufacturing and service industries, taking into account quantitative and technological aspects of operations management, systems, supply chain and quality considerations.

Content outline

History of Management
Organizational Environments and Cultures
Innovation and Change
Global Management
Human Resources
Managing Individuals and a Diverse Workforce

Required materials

Required textbook or open educational resources.

Grading methods

This course assessed through discussion, weekly quizzes, periodic exams, individual and group assignments and activities and final presentation.

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