BA 286 : Managing Business Processes

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Managing Business Processes



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BA 101 and BA 206.


Introductory course in understanding and managing business processes. Develops understanding of general concepts and principles of process management. Includes implementation procedures and specific tools used in analyzing processes, uncovering problems and finding solutions to those problems.

Learning outcomes

1. Be able to manage their own time, meet deadlines and properly prepare for meetings.
2. Be able to determine internal customers and owners involved in processes.
3. Be able to map processes (flowcharting).
4. Identify common barriers to process improvement.
5. Be able to determine moments of truth and bottlenecks in processes.
6. Understand the purpose of the tool, be able to translate raw data to tools, analyze data, and connect analysis with process improvement.
a. Brainstorming b. Customer surveys (internal and external customers) c. Check sheets d. Control charts e. Pareto charts f. Histograms g. Cause and Effect Diagrams h. Scatter Diagrams
7. Be able to set and evaluate benchmarks.
8. Emphasis will be placed on using teams in improving processes.
a. Understand how teams are used to improve processes. b. Identify common stages of development of teams, and common obstacles to success. c. Know effective strategies for overcoming obstacles in team interactions.

Content outline

Charts/Graphs/Surveys etc.
Goods, Services, and Operations Management
Measuring Performance in Operations
Operations Strategy
Supply Chain Design
Resource Management
Quality Management
Setting the Stage: Agile and Scrum
A Visual Requirements Gathering for the Product Backlog
Making the Story Point Estimate Comparable for Scrum Enterprise-Wide Implementation
Did You Say Product Owner
The Importance of Teamwork
Work on Presentation
Cycle of Service
Determining What Customers Want
Tools: Flowcharting, Check sheets, Surveys, Pareto Charts, Histograms, Cause Effect Diagrams
Control Charts
Teams and Quality

Required materials

Required textbook.

Grading methods

This course is assessed through homework, participation, midterm and final exams.

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