CIS 235 : IT in Business

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IT in Business



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Recommended preparation

(CIS 120 or CIS 124) and CIS 131.


Uses advanced software features in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access to solve and analyze business problems using integration of the applications in a business environment.

Learning outcomes

1. Describe the computer revolution and its impact on the way business is conducted.
2. Use critical-thinking skills in identifying information system problems and investigate existing literature about hardware and software solutions to problems.
3. Know the components and functions of computer systems, both hardware and software.
4. Describe the advances in networking, data communications and the Internet and how they affect the way business is conducted.
5. Identify which information technology tools are used to solve various business problems.
6. Display proficiency solving business problems using modern productivity tools (spreadsheets, databases, custom program).

Content outline

- computing in business
- troubleshooting hardware and software
- computer systems
- networking and communications
- solving problems with software
- applications software

Required materials

Students will need regular and reliable access to Microsoft Office and the Internet.

Grading methods

The course letter grade is determined by an accumulation of points from quizzes, assignments, and exams.

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