CIS 276 : Advanced SQL

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Advanced SQL



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Recommended preparation

CIS 122 and CIS 135DB.


Focuses on design, development and implementation of SQL programming for all types of relational database applications including client/server and Internet databases. The course introduces students to the procedural language used to extend SQL in a programmatic manner. Students will learn to write complicated interactive and embedded SQL statements. Emphasis will be on using Microsoft SQL server.

Learning outcomes

1. Design and implement complex SQL statements for data definition and data manipulation that answer typical business related questions. Includes using relational set operators, correlated subqueries, aggregate functions and write SQL statements to retrieve data to answer typical business related questions.
2. Create and use SQL scripts, stored procedures, triggers and user defined functions. .
3. Use a cursor to process a result set one row at a time.
4. Employ error handling in procedures.

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