COMM 111 : Fundamentals of Public Speaking

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Fundamentals Public Speaking



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or to be taken with WR 121.

Course Description

Emphasizes enhancing the relationship between speaker and audience through the content, organization and delivery of short oral presentations. Helps relieve student speech anxiety.

Course learning outcomes

1. Plan, arrange, and distinguish speeches for different purposes, including speeches that entertain, inform and persuade.
2. Develop support, including researched authorities, for their speeches.
3. Craft verbal and nonverbal messages to suit particular audiences and purposes.
4. Deliver timed speeches before audiences and respond to audience questions.
5. Evaluate their own and others' speaking, identifying aspects of preparation, arrangement, critical thinking, and delivery.
6. Prepare and use visual aids.
7. Articulate the purpose and thesis of oral presentations.

Content outline

1. Historical Context: Aristotle, Rhetoric 2. Speech Structure: Intro-Body-Conclusion, necessary ingredients, organizational principles 3. Purposes: Speeches that inform, persuade, entertain 4. Audience analysis: demographics, beliefs, biases 5. Research: finding accurate and varied supporting material, determining source credibility, appropriately citing sources during speech delivery and in the outline 6. Delivery skills: oral, verbal, nonverbal. Adhering to time limits 7. Listening and Evaluation: active listening, evaluating credibility, accuracy, efficacy 8. Visual Aids: Determining need, creating effective visuals, employing them during the speech

Required materials

Students will need materials to create a minimum of one visual aid to accompany at least one speech. Visual Aids may have a physical presence or may be presented via computer projection. Some sections of this course require a coursepack or textbook.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Oral Communication

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