ENG 104 : Introduction to Literature: Fiction

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Intro to Literature: Fiction



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WR 121Z.

Course Description

Explores human purpose, literary structures, and cultural values within a variety of short stories and/or novels. Features close reading, interpretation and evaluation of selected works of fiction, with attention to authors’ contexts and their creative processes, narrative elements, and reader responses. Explores topics and literatures from diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, and perspectives.

Course learning outcomes

1. Define and explicate key literary elements of narrative fiction, such as plot, character, theme, point of view, setting, symbol, and style.
2. Analyze and interpret works of fiction through the use of close reading, contextual background information (authorial intent, literary historical periods and influences, cultural and biographical background information, critical reception, etcetera), literary concepts and approaches, and a variety of critical perspectives.
3. Apply additional disciplinary knowledge specific to the Humanities (comparative analysis, evaluation, synthesizing and citing source perspectives) to the treatment of events, issues, or ideas in the works of fiction using well-selected evidence from the literary texts to support one’s analysis.

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  • Arts and Letters

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