ENG 232M : Topics in American Literature: Literature & Medicine

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Amer Lit: Lit Medicine



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WR 121.


This course examines fiction, poetry, drama and creative nonfiction by and about members of the health professions. The goal is to understand multiple perspectives on illness, health, and healing as presented in the course material.

Learning outcomes

1. Identify and explain the genres and techniques used by writers for communicating ideas about the experiences and values of patients and healers.
2. Explain the basic elements of a fictional work (plot, character, setting, theme, etc.) and analyze one or more works using those elements.
3. Compare and contrast works of literature that feature common themes (as listed in the course description).
4. Apply a range of reading strategies to analyze and interpret a variety of literary texts within their historical and literary contexts.
5. Use informal and formal writing to analyze and interpret literary works integrating textual evidence following MLA guidelines.

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