FIRE 101 : Introduction to Emergency Services

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Intro to Emergency Services



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Provides an overview to fire protection and EMS. Includes career opportunities, related fields, philosophy and history, organization and function of public and private agencies, nomenclature, functions. In addition, provides a broad overview of college and life success strategies as related to this field. This course is a FESHE core requirement and is equivalent to NFA C0273.

Learning outcomes

The following learning outcomes are those of the National Fire Academy (NFA).

1. Identify factors that challenge success in college and develop a plan for resolving difficulties and overcoming obstacles.
2. Explain the history of Fire and EMS.
3. Compare and contrast the components and development of the fire and emergency services.
4. Analyze careers in the fire and emergency services.
5. Develop the components of career preparation and goal setting.

Content outline

• Careers in the Fire Protection and Emergency Services
• College Success: Learning, Motivation, Procrastination, Goals
• History of Fire
• Emergency Medical Systems
• History of EMS
• Chemistry and Fire Physics
• Critical Care Hospital Emergency Medicine
• Medical Oversight
• Emergency Incident Management
• Legislation Regulation

Required materials

All course materials are provided on Blackboard.

Grading methods

Students will be assessed on their individual assignments, quizzes, group assignments, case studies and tests, the final exam and participation within their team.

Outside of

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