GE 102 : Engineering Problem Solving and Technology

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Eng. Prob. Solv. Technology



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MTH 112.


Introduces the use of Microsoft Excel for the solution of engineering problems and familiarizes students with the decision making and report preparation process in engineering design. Development of spreadsheets for analyzing engineering problems and preparation of final design reports that outline in detail design evaluation, recommendation and implementation.

Learning outcomes

1. Perform mathematical calculations using excel, including trigonometric functions and equations commonly used in engineering analysis;
2. Confirm output from excel using hand written calculations;
create graphs in excel that represent engineering systems;
3. Analyze graphs to make design decisions;
4. Evaluate design alternatives for engineering design problem;
5. Develop and utilize decision making criteria for engineering design problems;
6. Select a preferred design based on evaluation criteria;
7. Recommend a plan to implement the selected design, and
8. Prepare a professional written report outlining the evaluation, selection and implementation process.

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