HD 190 : OLI Leadership Skills I

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OLI Leadership Skills I



Grading mode

Pass/No Pass grades

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instructor approval.

Course Description

HD 190 is the first in a 3-quarter series. This first quarter lays the foundation for the series by providing high school students with activities that encourage them to: establish personal and team goals; develop effective teamwork skills; explore and articulate their cultural identity; explore aspects of leadership including varying styles, qualities, and cultural implications. Interaction with college mentors prepares students of varying races and ethnicities to embrace post-secondary education as both desirable and attainable. P/NP grading.

Course learning outcomes

1. Gain an awareness of the benefits of post-secondary education and an understanding of how to apply and transition to higher education.
2. Develop and articulate goals as individuals and as members of a team and the community.
3. Experience and articulate cultural heritage and explore positive ways to share the richness of their culture with others in the community.
4. Develop an understanding for different styles of leadership and explore their personal leadership styles and qualities.
5. Explore issues of personal responsibility and attitude.
6. Recognize and explore strategies for diffusing conflict.
7. Develop and practice oral communication skills.
8. Enhance writing skills.

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