HHP 216 : Sociocultural Dimensions of Physical Activity

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Sociocultural Dim Phys Activ



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This course will provide an overview of physical activity in contemporary society. It will look at relationships with the social processes: interrelationships between physical activity and cultural institutions.

Learning outcomes

1. Understand chronic health risks and how to implement holistic, lifestyle behavior change to enhance personal and community-wide safety, health, fitness.
2. Identify and describe social inequality within the context of physical activity across the lifespan.
3. Understand cultural competency and its importance in an increasingly pluralistic world, including different conceptions of and perspectives regarding health, physical activity, and sport across cultures.
4. Describe how social processes employed within the physical activity domain influence human behavior.
5. Recognize characteristics of cultural traditions within the physical activity domain.
6. Define leadership and describe the difference between oneself as a leader and oneself as a manager, inclusive of understanding one’s own biases and perspective.

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