HHP 243 : Occupation Health, AHA BLS CPR

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Occupation Health, AHA BLS CPR



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This class provides an introduction to major concepts and issues in occupational health and safety, including health promotion, injury and disease prevention, and protection of worker populations from environmental hazards. The course will also include a section on stress management with a focus on the application of managing stress on the job, and will include the American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health Care Providers (HCP) CPR course which is what we currently teach in our one-credit HHP 212A class.

Learning outcomes

1. Define OSHA understand its purpose. Recognize the connections of public health the government to the goals of occupational health and safety.
2. Demonstrate a base of knowledge in the recognition and assessment of health and safety hazards in the workplace.
3. Relate health promotion/prevention/protection concepts to the occupational health and safety program.
4. Apply theories and concepts of occupational health and safety to the development and management of programs.
5. Identify workplace stressors, how to recognize, modify, and cope with stressors in order to decrease over-all occupational stress load.
6. Demonstrate ability to retrieve.

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  • Foundational Skills/Health

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