HHP 291 : Lifeguard Training

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Lifeguard Training



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Designed to teach the knowledge and skills needed to help prevent and respond to aquatic emergencies, including land and water rescue skills, as well as first aid, CPR and AED. Meets American Red Cross lifeguard training standards. Participants should be comfortable in and around the water and be able to demonstrate proficient swimming technique.

Learning outcomes

1. Use surveillance skills to prevent injury and accidents.
2. Perform water-based fitness skills in pool environment.
3. Demonstrate appropriate rescue skills with proper use of equipment and procedures.
4. Demonstrate the use of land-based rescue simulation skills for first aid, cardiac, AED, sudden illness, head, neck and back injuries.
5. Perform proper emergency response techniques including resuscitation and first-aid techniques.
6. Describe medical knowledge about a range of conditions associated with rescues.

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  • Foundational Skills/Health

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