HHPA 149 : Volleyball-Doubles

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Provides rules and strategy of doubles volleyball. Includes communication with teammates on the courts due to the faster pace of the game.

Learning outcomes

1. Explain the relationship between human behavior and health.
2. Engage regularly in skills development, safety practices, and fundamentals of doubles volleyball to develop overall physical fitness and enhance sports activities.
3. Describe the rules and strategies of Volleyball and be able to learn to differentiate between the game of standard volleyball verses doubles.
4. Act as a team player by demonstrating communication and team work.

Content outline

Passing drills
Setting drills
Hitting/strategy drills
Serving drills
Blocking (Women’s height) drills
Serving/game strategies
Down ball hitting vs. setting

Required materials

Appropriate equipment will be highlighted and discussed in the first class. Equipment must be provided by the student.

Grading methods

This course will include attendance in the grading and may include written work, quizzes, journal projects and other assignments.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Health

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