HIM 184 : Pathophysiology and Pharmacology

Transcript title

Pathophysiology Pharmacology



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

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Instructor approval.

Course Description

Provides an in-depth study of human disease processes which affect organs and interrelated body systems. Introduces general principles of pharmacology. Topics include etiology, physical signs and symptoms, diagnosis/treatment modalities, manifestations, prognosis of disease conditions, drugs, drug classes, and drug actions.

Course learning outcomes

1. Define the concept and scope of pathophysiology.
2. Identify diagnostic tests and procedures.
3. Explain common therapies including pharmacology.
4. Identify common surgical procedures and approaches.
5. Identify most frequent and significant diseases.
6. Identify major organ related diseases.
7. Identify multiple organ system diseases.
8. Examine pharmacology and drugs.

Content outline

1. Concept and scope of pathophysiology. 2. Diagnostic tests and procedures. 3. Common therapies including pharmacology. 4. Common surgical procedures and approaches. 5. Frequent and significant diseases. 6. Major organ related diseases. 7. Multiple organ system diseases. 8. Pharmacology and drugs.

Required materials

Required textbook. Computer and reliable internet access. Portable storage device (ie. usb drive).

Outside of

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