HIM 202 : Health Information Management Applications

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HIM Applications



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Provides an opportunity to apply documentation standards, data analysis, and compliance and risk management policies and procedures through the use of simulated health records and other clinical documentation.

Learning outcomes

1. Apply the patient record guidelines for various providers and healthcare settings.
2. Analyze components of the legal health record.
3. Apply concepts, tools, and best practices for health data analytics.
4. Analyze and explain documentation required for acute, ambulatory and other health care settings.
5. Analyze a record for HIPAA compliance and documentation deficiencies.
6. Develop a policy describing privacy and security for PHI protection.

Content outline

1. Patient Record Documentation Guidelines
2. Legal Health Record
3. Health Record Format and Design
4. Tools for Use in Health Record Analysis
5. Development of Standards, Policies, and Procedures
6. Documentation for acute care settings.
7. Documentation for ambulatory care settings.
8. Documentation for other health care settings.
9. Design a procedure describing the tasks required to analyze a record for HIPAA compliance.
10. Design a procedure describing the tasks required to analyze a record for documentation deficiencies.
11. Develop a policy describing a privacy and security policy for PHI protection.

Required materials

Required textbook. Computer and reliable internet access. Portable storage device (ie. usb drive).

Grading methods

Knowledge Is assessed through graded exams, quizzes, assignments and projects; this class requires a passing grade of 75% or better.

Outside of

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