HIM 203 : Health Information Technologies

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Health Info Technologies



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Instructor approval.

Course Description

Provides an introduction and history of computer systems used in health care, the current status of health information systems in health care, and how they are specifically used in health information management. Provides an opportunity to apply documentation standards, data analysis, and compliance and risk management policies and procedures through the use of simulated health records and other clinical documentation.

Course learning outcomes

1. Analyze the history and impact of computers in healthcare.
2. Explain clinical and administrative information systems.
3. Explain the relationship of data quality, information integrity, and quality documentation.
4. Examine information system selection and implementation.
5. Utilize technologies for health information management.

Content outline

  1. History of computers and their impact in healthcare
  2. Administrative information systems
  3. Clinical information systems
  4. Electronic health records
  5. Data quality, information integrity, and quality documentation
  6. Databases in information systems
  7. Information systems selection and implementation
  8. Consumer informatics
  9. Health information exchange
  10. Information systems standards in healthcare
  11. Role of HIM professionals in information systems
  12. Hands-on applied learning for the paperless medical office

Required materials

Required textbook, access to a computer and reliable internet access, and portable storage device (i.e., USB drive).

Outside of

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