HIM 265 : Health Information Management Community Service Learning Project

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HIM Service Learning Project



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Instructor approval.


Service learning combines meaningful service, academic instruction, and critical reflective thinking to enhance student learning and civic responsibility. Design, create, and implement a cooperative project related to accumulated HIM knowledge. Includes work with members of the community throughout the project.

Learning outcomes

1. Identify community needs and design an appropriate service learning project related to HIM knowledge and applications.
2. Produce and deliver project outcomes to community participant utilizing project management guidelines.
3. Create and deliver presentation of project overview and outcome assessments.

Content outline

1. Research community needs
2. Select an appropriate service learning project related to HIM knowledge and applications
3. Design and plan project outline
4. Propose project and timeline to community participant
5. Develop the project applying project management skills
6. Produce approved project outcomes and deliver to community participant
7. Present project overview, outcome assessment, and personal reflection to invited guests, classmates, and program instructors

Required materials

Computer and reliable internet access.

Grading methods

Grades may be determined by interim assignment appraisals, one on one check ins with instructor, full documentation of entire project and final presentation.

Outside of

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