HS 180 : Addictions, HIV and other Infectious Diseases

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Addictions, HIV and Other



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Reviews the theory and technique for effectively addressing issues of substance use and addictive behaviors for the at-risk person. Considers issues of risk of exposure for the substance abusing or other at risk individual. Physiology, epidemiology, risk assessment, legal/ethical issues and societal implications of HIV and other pathogens will be presented.

Learning outcomes

1. Describe how HIV and other infectious diseases are transmitted.
2. Analyze relationship between substance related and addictive behaviors and HIV and other infectious diseases.
3. Demonstrate awareness of one's biases regarding HIV and other infectious diseases.

Content outline

HIV and other infectious diseases related to substance abusing and other at risk populations (process addictions)

Required materials


Grading methods

Quizzes, midterm exam, final exam, in class activities, papers, presentations.

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