HUM 106 : British Life and Culture

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British Life and Culture



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Offered as a required course in the London Quarter study abroad program. The student will gain a broad overview of contemporary British culture and society by examining traditions and institutions that impact the British way of life in the twenty-first century. Besides topical presentations by native guest lecturers, the course engages students in experiential learning through field trips to such historic and cultural sites as the Museum of London, the National Gallery, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the Houses of Parliament.

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the social, historical and cultural issues facing contemporary Britain.
2. Relate the significant historical events in London to current conditions.
3. Identify the major architectural styles in London corresponding to their historical timeline.
4. Describe the major class and educational issues facing the current government and identify contemporary resolutions of these issues.
5. Compare and evaluate the perspectives of the Conservative and Labor Parties to the issues facing the government.

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