LMT 205 : Movement for Massage

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Movement for Massage



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The student will explore their body mechanics and body awareness through the practice of Qigong to meet the physical demands of a massage therapy career.

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate basic qigong movement as it relates to body awareness, mechanics, alignment, and integrity, specifically in relationship to practicing bodywork and massage
a. Students will be able to successfully perform these powerful qigong methods and understand the theory and principles behind them, completely independently
2. Demonstrate an awareness of energy flow in the body
a. Students that practice the mudra movements discover it leads to a sense of greater awareness in the hands as well as connectedness with energy flow in the body
3. Demonstrate Self Massage with proficiency and understand its application
a. Students will learn this self-care form sitting and standing with several variations. The form helps the massage therapist to maintain an appropriate self-care routine over the life of their career as a bodyworker
4. Demonstrate 1000 Hands and Dao Yin Qigong
a. Students will practice Dao yin Qigong, a classical Chinese qigong from, which helps to build and maintain strong tendons, ligaments, connective tissues and strong bones, as well as increasing circulation and flexibility throughout the body
5. Discuss the benefits of qigong practice and how that applies to the practice of massage
a. Students will experience Self-Massage is a powerful qigong method to cleanse the inside of the body and encourage the natural flow of energy in the body

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