LMT 227 : Thai Massage II

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Thai Massage II



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LMT 226.

Course Description

Students will explore the deeper roots of Thai bodywork and the "Sen". Advanced techniques and stretches will be practiced in a Thai bodywork routine using traditional Thai equipment. Students should have the ability to kneel and move around on their feet and knees. P/NP grading.

Course learning outcomes

1. Discuss the History of Thai Massage and influences from India and China
2. Perform soft tissue manipulation using Thai massage techniques while avoiding injury to giver or receiver
3. Recognize cautions and contraindications to Thai Massage
4. Demonstrate basic Thai massage applications in Supine, Prone, side- lying and seated positions
5. Demonstrate a 90 minute Thai bodywork sequence
6. Model proper body mechanics using advanced Thai techniques
7. Demonstrate Thai stretches when working with Thai acupressure points
8. Demonstrate Thai acupressure techniques in a Thai bodywork session
9. Identify 10 Sen lines

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