LMT 250 : Cranial Sacral Level I

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Cranio Sacral Level I



Grade mode

Standard letter grades

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Recommended preparation

Massage Therapy certificate, LMT, or other related health care professional.


This course will offer a cranio sacral approach to massage therapy with an emphasis on relevant anatomy.

Learning outcomes

1. Complete, analyze, and assess a verbal health interview with the client prior to a massage session and analyze proper client intake and assessment.
2. Identify the indications, contraindications, precautions, of Craniosacral techniques
3. Complete professional (Subjective Objective Action Plan) SOAP charting notes using clear, concise and accurate notes of client treatment sessions.
4. Develop a safe and effective initial session and on-going treatment plan, based on client goals, assessment findings, and understanding of effects of massage and bodywork.
5. Demonstrate knowledge of pertinent anatomical structures with enhanced palpation skills.
6. Apply basic technique of Craniosacral therapy including unwinding, myofascial release, biomechanical, biodynamic and functional.

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