LMT 259 : Introductory Spa Treatments

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Introductory Spa Treatments



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LMT 145 and LMT 150 or department approval based on proof of massage therapist license.


Spa treatment commonly used in spa facilities will be explored. A variety of spa treatments will be practiced in class. Contraindications, hygiene, sanitation, and spa etiquette will be examined.

Learning outcomes

1. Recognize health conditions that may contraindicate spa bodywork treatment.
2. Perform a variety of spa bodywork treatments.
3. Perform hygiene, sanitation, and universal precautions when conducting a variety of spa bodywork treatments.
4. Demonstrate appropriate use of equipment during spa treatments.
5. Communicate the therapeutic values of spa treatments to clients.

Content outline

Class and syllabus overview
Discussion of the spa industry, concept, and treatments in the spa
Discuss protocols and the textbook
Discuss and demonstrate techniques, having students reciprocate
Discuss contraindications benefits of various techniques demonstrated
Discuss Spa menus, treatments and products
Hot Stone massage: Techniques, contraindications, sanitizing the stones

Required materials

Required Textbook.

Grading methods

All tests, quizzes, and practical exams are based on the REQUIRED Textbook(s) for this course as well as in-class lectures.

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