LMT 270 : Clinical Assessments

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Clinical Assessments



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Recommended preparation

Massage Therapy certificate, LMT, or other related health care professional.


This is a nontreatment course that will evaluate and assess ROM, posture, gait and soft tissue injury when determining massage therapy treatment options. Students taking Advanced Treatment courses are advised to enroll.

Learning outcomes

1. Apply various theories of evaluation and assessment when determining massage therapy treatment options
2. Explain mechanism of soft tissue injury
3. Apply basic orthopedic assessment protocols using Range of Motion, posture, gait, muscle-testing techniques, and palpation
4. Demonstrate use of tools to assess and evaluate client injury
5. Demonstrate clinical reasoning skills to recognize posture, gait, muscle, and inert tissue dysfunction
6. Describe limitations and misconceptions of manual assessment
7. Analyze and determine appropriate medical referrals to other health care professionals

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