MFG 232 : CNC Programming Lathe

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CNC Programming Lathe



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instructor approval.

Recommended preparation

MFG 100.


Programming computer numerical control turning center. Includes G M manual programming, canned cycles, subroutines, profile shaping, TNR, tool vectors, cutter selection and part proofing.

Learning outcomes

1. Student will apply common G M programming standards to create part producing CNC programs.
2. Student will establish part zero utilizing appropriate referencing features derived from the blueprint.
3. Student will properly select tool holders and carbide inserts needed for programming operations.
4. Student will write CNC programs that use both Tool Edge and TNR tool positioning methods.
5. Student will write CNC programs to perform 2D turning and drilling operations with canned cycles.
6. Student will create appropriate CNC operator setup procedures and other programming documentation commonly generated by programmers working for manufacturing companies.

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