MFG 236 : CAD/CAM Lathe

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MFG 100.


CAD/CAM operations related to programming computer numerical control turning centers. Includes drilling, grooving and threading operations using wire frame and solids model geometry. A student considering this course should be familiar with CNC lathe operations and G M programming.

Learning outcomes

1. Student will import CAD data to create appropriate programming documentation.
2. Student will tailor program output by establishing appropriate CAM parameters for machining.
3. Student will modify tooling parameters based on CAM program machining requirements.
4. Student will chain tool paths that determine sequence of cutting and machining strategies.
5. Student will determine that appropriate tool paths and part shapes have been programmed using solid modeling software verification features.
6. Student will edit existing Numerical Control tool paths data to modify machining codes and tool usage.
7. Student will create a Solid Model part representation depicting CAM generated machining operations.
8. Student will perform post processing procedures tailoring Intermediate code into specific machine readable code.

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