MFG 263A : Welding Inspection I

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Welding Inspection I



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MFG 271; MFG 272; MFG 281; and MFG 282.


First of two courses based on gaining the knowledge to be prepared for the Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) Exam, which is administered by the American Welding Society once the qualification criteria has been achieved. This course focuses on the CWI part A (Body of Knowledge) exam; it is a comprehensive overview of the fundamental concepts and principles every CWI should know.

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate an expert knowledge of American Welding Society duties, responsibilities, attributes, and safety standards of a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI).
2. Demonstrate an expert knowledge of weld joint geometry, symbols, callouts, and industry requirements.
3. Compare and contrast welding and cutting processes at an expert level articulating the advantages and disadvantages of each in particular contexts.
4. Demonstrate expert knowledge of the material properties of metals before and after alteration by welding and manufacturing processes.
5. Evaluate and assess discontinuities and defects in the weldment resulting from the welding or base metal forming processes.

Content outline

1. Duties, Responsibilities and Attributes of a Welding Inspector.
2. Safety Requirement in the workplace.
3. Weld Joint Geometry
4. Welding Symbols
5. Destructive Testing
6. Welding Metallurgy
7. Metal Joining and Cutting
8. Weld and Base Metal Discontinuities

Required materials

This class requires the purchase of textbooks and study guides.

Grading methods

Assessment for this course may include, either online or in person, written assignments, homework, timed tests, take home tests, oral presentations, and demonstrations of manual skills acquisition as needed to confirm achievement of the course outcomes.

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