MS 111 : Military Science I: Introduction to Leadership

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MSI: Intro to Leadership



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Course Description

Introduces effective leadership and communication skills. Explores personal development of life skills, comprehensive fitness related to leadership, officership, and the Army profession. Introduces basic land navigation skills and techniques for tactical decision making. Part of a series of military science leadership classes.

Course learning outcomes

1. Define, explain, and begin to demonstrate the seven Army values and warrior ethos.
2. Demonstrate the basic elements of comprehensive soldier and family fitness and exhibit a functional knowledge of resiliency factors.
3. Explain how the five dimensions of comprehensive soldier fitness (CSF) relate to combat readiness.
4. Understand and utilize basic land navigation skills.
5. Utilize first aid and preventative care for self-aid and care of others.

Content outline

• Course Overview • US Army • Military Customs Courtesies • Fieldcraft-Preventive Medicine • Basic Map Reading • Basic Land Navigation • Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness • Profession of Arms (POA) • Army Leadership • Seven Army Values Warrior Ethos • Basic First Aid

Required materials

All publications are government publications and provided to the student at no charge.

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