MTH 085 : Technical Mathematics I

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Technical Mathematics I



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MTH 020 and/or MTH 060.


First in a two-term sequence designed for majors in forest technology, fire science, CADD and GIS, among others. Includes introduction to algebra and geometry with a focus on units of measurement, formula manipulation, solving linear and literal equations, exponents, three-dimensional geometry and preparation for trigonometry. Real-world applications are emphasized.

Learning outcomes

1. Students will use the arithmetic of real numbers and order of operations
2. Students will solve mathematical problems requiring solving linear equations
3. Students will graph points using a two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system
4. Students will model and solve applied, real-word, and theoretical mathematical problems which may require solving equations or systems of equations in one or more variables
5. Students will analyze, draw inferences and make predictions from graphs
6. Students will be able to use scientific calculators to perform multi-step rational number computations requiring order of operations.

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