MTH 086 : Technical Mathematics II

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Technical Mathematics II



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MTH 085.


Second in a two-term sequence designed for majors in forest technology, fire science, CADD and GIS, among others. Includes a review of geometry and a thorough discussion of trigonometry with an introduction to vectors and their applications. The second half of the term includes an introduction to functions and their applications including graphing equations, developing equations from graphs, analysis of linear and non-linear functions and functions as models. Students will work in teams to develop and analyze a complex, real-world application and submit a technical report detailing the results. A graphing calculator is required. TI-83 or TI-84 recommended.

Learning outcomes

1. Students will model and solve applied, real-world, and theoretical mathematical problems involving right-triangle and oblique-triangle trigonometry.
2. Students will model and solve problems involving vectors in two dimensions both algebraically and graphically and understand the relationship between the methods and solutions.
3. Students will model and solve problems using symbolic, graphic and numeric strategies and translate among written descriptions, symbolic, graphic and numeric representations of functions.
4. Students will model and solve applied, real-word, and theoretical mathematical problems which may require solving equations or systems of equations in one or more variables.
5. Students will create, analyze, draw inferences and make predictions from charts, tables and graphs summarizing data from real-world and theoretical situations.
6. Students will represent mathematical relationships using tables, graphs, patterns, generalizations and equations.

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