PHM 101 : Pharmacy Tech Law and Ethics

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Pharmacy Tech Law and Ethics



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PHM 100, PHM 120.


This course orients students to the work of pharmacy technicians. Students learn the concept of direct patient care and the technician’s role in its delivery with emphasis on the complementary roles of pharmacists and technicians in both the community and institutional pharmacy setting. Students are introduced to the federal and state laws as well as the standards of practice which govern the practice of pharmacy. Students will be able to identify examples of professionalism in pharmacy and discuss the important areas of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as it relates to patient confidentiality.

Learning outcomes

1. Assist the pharmacist in monitoring the practice site and/or service area for compliance with federal, state, and local laws; regulations and professional standards;
2. Participate in pharmacy department’s process for preventing medication misadventures;
3. Demonstrate ethical conduct in all job-related activities;
4. Maintain an image appropriate for the profession of pharmacy;
5. Outline ways to stay current with involvement in local, state, and national technician and other pharmacy organizations;
6. Appreciate the value of obtaining technician certification;
7. Understand the importance of and resources for staying current with changes in pharmacy practice;
8. Maintain confidentiality of patient and proprietary business information;
9. Function effectively as a member of the healthcare team.

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