PHM 145 : Pharmacy Technician Lab II

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Pharmacy Technician Lab II



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PHM 130, PHM 140, PHM 191.

Course Description

Provides hands-on experience in intravenous medication preparation, sterile compounding, calculations, and maintaining drug stocks.

Course learning outcomes

1. Perform hand washing, garbing, and hood cleaning.
2. Prepare parenteral drugs with sterile technique when working in a clean room.
3. Perform hospital-setting tasks of a pharmacy technician, including drug delivery, maintaining drug stocks, and preparing intravenous medication.
4. Calculate dosages for patient medications from the doctor or pharmacist.
5. Assess floor stock.
6. Prepare oral syringes accurately.
7. Perform medication and crash cart filling.

Content outline

  1. Sterile compounding
  2. Proper PPE garbing, hand washing, hood cleaning
  3. Hazardous compounding
  4. Cart fill
  5. Crash cart
  6. Automated pyxis machine

Required materials

Textbook required.

Outside of

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