PHM 190 : Pharmacy Technician Practicum

Transcript title

Pharm Tech Practicum



Grading mode

Pass/No Pass grades

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PHM 181.

Course Description

Provides an unpaid learning experience at a prearranged clinical facility and is supervised by a registered pharmacist. P/NP grading.

Course learning outcomes

1. Calculate dosages for patient medications from a doctor or pharmacist.
2. Use appropriate pharmacy tools.
3. Prepare parenteral drugs with sterile techniques in a clean room.
4. Explain the importance of HIPAA, pharmacy law, and ethics in the pharmacy setting.
5. Perform hospital setting tasks of a pharmacy technician, including performing drug deliveries, calculating correct dosages, and preparing intravenous medication.
6. Use clear and professional communication with patients, coworkers, and other health care professionals.
7. Check drug stocks.

Content outline

Students will perform 210 hours working in pharmacies (retail and/or hospital) registered with the Pharmacy Technician program.

Requires keeping a notebook to log experiences at the worksite and report in the seminar.

Required materials

No materials required.

Outside of

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