PS 207 : Politics of the Middle East

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Politics of the Middle East



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This course is intended as an introduction to politics in the Middle East and therefore provides a general overview of some of the chief issues of contemporary Middle Eastern politics. These include the impact of colonialism, nationalism and nation-state formation, regional crisis, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the politics of oil, Islamism, democratization, political economy, globalization, and human rights.

Learning outcomes

1. Exhibit knowledge of the chronological flow of human history in the region of the Middle East and that of the area within the context of world history
2. Exhibit an understanding of the social structures and religions of the Region and how they have effected the development of politics in the region in the past – and how they continue to have and impact and influence today.
3. Understand the influence and clash of traditionalism and culture within the Region and between the region and the influence of Modern ‘Westernism’.
4. Understand how the ‘Classical Period’ of the region – the rise of Islam and the period of the Caliphates – arose, developed and became a major global influence culminating in the Ottoman Empire.
5. Exhibit knowledge of how the 19th-20th Centuries colonial period and post WWII Cold War influenced the development of political institutions in the Region
6. Exhibit knowledge of the immediate period [sometimes referred to as The Arab Spring’], how it came about, the influences behind the developments, and where it may be heading
7. Exhibit knowledge of the major and minor nations of the region, their political institutions, underpinnings and development.
8. Exhibit an understanding of how the countries of the Middle East deal with each other, how countries outside the region have attempted to exert influence, and how the region has developed to the point where it today influences politics, economics and international relations on a global level.

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