PSY 214 : Personality Psychology

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Personality Psychology



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WR 060 or minimum placement into WR 065.


Examines the major theoretical perspectives on personality formation, including biological, psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive, behavioral, and sociocultural influences. Personality tests and measures are also discussed. The major theoretical approaches to psychology are included.

Learning outcomes

1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the research methods and designs in the formulation of each personality theory studied. Students will understand that each personality theory provides its own explanation for human behavior, based on its specialized concepts and relationships.
2. Students well versed in multiple theories will be able to offer varying viewpoints not only as to why an individual acts as s/he does, but will also be able to make predictions about that individual's past and future, and also be able to identify ways to positively influence human growth and development.
3. Students will be able to distinguish between the major historical schools of thought in psychology, taking particular care to identify any opposing conceptualizations of the nature of humankind as well as contrasting viewpoints about the critical variables that influence human personality.

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