PSY 225 : Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorders



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WR 060 or minimum placement into WR 065.


This course explores eating behavior, weight regulation, and body image in contemporary society. Cultural, familial, social, personal and biological factors in eating and weight problems will be examined. The course will cover the full continuum from normal, healthy eating to clinical eating disorders and related behaviors, which include chronic dieting, excessive exercise, emotional eating, binge eating, obesity or poor body image.

Learning outcomes

1. Describe biopsychosocial influences on normal eating.
2. Define body image and discuss sociocultural influences on eating, weight, and body dissatisfaction.
3. Define and characterize each of the eating disorders and their effects on the individual.
4. Discuss etiological theories of eating and weight problems.
5. Define and characterize the major treatments for body image, weight, and eating problems.
6. Discuss research on the prevention of obesity and eating disorders.

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