RD 117 : College Reading

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College Reading



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Offers instruction in flexible reading skills. Focuses on building reading speed and comprehension, and acquiring a repertoire of reading strategies suitable for understanding and retaining information acquired in typical college reading.

Learning outcomes

1. diagnose your study habits and learning preferences and use this knowledge to select appropriate study strategies for mastering differing academic texts.
2. diagnose your reading rates, purposes, and comprehension levels and use this knowledge to set reading goals, chart progress, and implement “fix up” strategies.
3. describe two study systems (SQ3R, S-RUN) and evaluate their usefulness in helping you accomplish your study goals.
4. demonstrate mastery of several note taking strategies (underlining/highlighting, text annotation, text summarization, Cornell notes, flashcards, mapping, outlining).
5. explain factors influencing concentration and memory and will select aids to retention that are appropriate to specific academic demands.
6. demonstrate effective rate and retention strategies (skim/scan, etc) and explain how and when to implement each.
7. use text structure to implement effective and efficient study strategies.
8. interpret graphics accurately.
9. create a model of how to complete research assignments.

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