SFS 133 : Fire Entry Exams

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Fire Entry Exams



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Introduces and prepares student for employment testing in a structural fire agency; beneficial for both initial employment testing and promotional examinations within their agency. Exposure to testing in a variety of methods currently in use in the fire service hiring processes, offers strategies for improving test performance as well as job search skills.

Learning outcomes

1. Explain the overall examination process
2. List the important parts that may be included in an examination process.
3. Explain how the final grades in an examination process are determined on a weighted exam
4. Explain how appointments are made under the Rule of Three, the Rule of One, the Open Rule, and the Tier system.
5. Identify the different types of careers available in the fire service and explain the difference between the status of a member on probation and one who has tenure.
6. Evaluate and market yourself as a candidate by participation in a competitive mock hiring process

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