SFS 232 : Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply

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Fire Protection Hyd. Supply



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Recommended preparation

MTH 065 or higher, GS 104, GS 105, SFS 105, and access to engines or affiliation are highly recommended for students' success in the class.


This course provides a foundation of theoretical knowledge in conjunction with hands on labs in order to understand the principles of the use of water in fire protection and to apply hydraulic principles to analyze and to solve water supply problems.

Learning outcomes

1. Apply the application of mathematics and physics to the movement of water in fire suppression activities.
2. Comprehend the design principles of fire service pumping apparatus.
3. Analyze community fire flow demand criteria.
4. Demonstrate, through problem solving, a thorough understanding of the principles of forces that affect water at rest and in motion.
5. Develop and demonstrate the skills necessary for the student to operate as an engineer at a mock scene of a fire or other emergency in a safe and effective manner.

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