WF 103 : Safety for Survival

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Safety for Survival



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Provides the fundamentals and technical knowledge needed for fire line safety as it pertains to: entrapment avoidance, fire shelter deployment, hazards, injuries and safety issues, mental and physical health, fitness, and current issues. Meets the NWCG requirement for RT-130.

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate the use of training and reference materials to study the risk management process.
2. Review forecasts and assessment for the upcoming fire season and identify implications for firefighter safety.
3. Successfully deploy fire shelter wearing fireline PPE.
4. Define fitness and identify its role in personal wellness and job performance.
5. Identify the types of mental, cognitive, and physical fitness.
6. Develop a fitness program that includes the three modules of fitness: pre-season, fire season, post season.
7. Describe the types of common firefighter injuries.
8. Identify mental wellness issues as it pertains to adverse work conditions of the wildland firefighter.

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