WR 122 : Argument, Research, and Multimodal Composition

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Arg/Research/Multimodal Comp



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WR 121.

Course Description

WR 122 continues the focus of WR 121 in its review of rhetorical concepts and vocabulary, in the development of reading, thinking, and writing skills, along with metacognitive competencies understood through the lens of a rhetorical vocabulary. Specifically, students will identify, evaluate, and construct chains of reasoning, a process that includes an ability to distinguish assertion from evidence, recognize and evaluate assumptions, and select sources appropriate for a rhetorical task. Students will employ a flexible, collaborative, and appropriate composing process, working in multiple genres, and utilizing at least two modalities.

Course learning outcomes

1. Rhetorical Awareness: Exhibit rhetorical awareness competence; Apply key rhetorical concepts through analyzing and composing a variety of texts.
2. Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing: Analyze and synthesize college-level texts for specific and varied rhetorical tasks/goals; Engage in research as a recursive and inquiry-based process; capitalize on the communal and conversational nature of academic research in composing a variety of texts.
3. Processes: Demonstrate flexible and rhetorically appropriate composing strategies; Provide constructive peer feedback; respond effectively to peer and instructor feedback; Experiment with and adapt composing processes for a variety of technologies and modalities.
4. Knowledge of Conventions: Deliberately use the conventions of Standard Edited English to enhance meaning; Consistently maneuver text structure, paragraphing, sentence structure, and word choice appropriate to genre; Systematically and skillfully apply citation conventions.
5. Metacognition and Transfer: Reflect and document procedural knowledge gained in the areas of writing strategies; Transfer and apply writing knowledge to new contexts.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Writing Information Literacy (Foundtl Writing Info Lit)

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