Computer Science - Associate of Science Oregon Transfer (ASOT)


The Associate of Science Oregon Transfer with a focus in computer science meets lower-division general education requirements of baccalaureate degree programs of any Oregon public university and provides junior status for registration purposes.

The focus area was created through collaboration between members of the Oregon Council of Computer Chairs, which includes Oregon community college faculty/administrators and Oregon public university computer science chairs/faculty. The degree provides general guidelines for a computer science major. However, GPA and course requirements are not guaranteed to have been satisfied with this degree. Students are encouraged to refer to the catalog of the specific institution to which they plan to transfer to ensure accuracy of academic planning. Students are also encouraged to contact an adviser at the transfer school as soon as possible.

Statewide General Education Student Learning Outcomes

Please see the General Education page for statewide general education student learning outcomes.

Entrance Requirements

While this program has no formal entrance requirement, individual courses may have prerequisites which must be met before enrollment.

Course Requirements

Course Title Credits
General Education/Foundational
Choose 3 credits 13
MTH 251Calculus I (or higher)4
Oral Communication:
Choose one course3-4
WR 121Academic Composition4
WR 122Argument, Research, and Multimodal Composition4
or WR 227 Technical Writing
Recommend: WR 227
General Education/Discipline studies
Cultural Literacy:
One course from the following categories must be designated as cultural literacy on the Discipline Studies list (credits count once).
Arts and Letters:
Choose at least three courses from at least two prefixes9-12
Social Science:
Choose at least four courses from at least two prefixes12-16
Science/Math/Computer Science:
MTH 252Calculus II4
Choose three science courses designated as lab science courses from the Discipline Studies list9-15
Program Requirements
CS 160Computer Science Orientation4
CS 161Computer Science I4
CS 162Computer Science II4
CS 260Data Structures4
Choose enough electives to reach a minimum total of 90 overall degree credits 222
Total Credits90-104

Advising Notes

Oregon State University-Cascades offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with tracks in software engineering or software entrepreneurship. Students are recommended to reference current degree requirements, including required courses and GPA. At the time of this publication, the following courses are recommended in the first 90 credits: CS 260 Data Structures, MTH 231 Discrete Mathematics, BA 217 Accounting Fundamentals, BA 250 Entrepreneurship at COCC; CS 290 Web Development, CS 325 Algorithm Analysis, CS 340 Introduction to Databases, SE 201 Software Development at OSU.

Performance Standards

  • Academic Requirements:

    • Students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA to earn a COCC certificate or degree.

    • Options for additional standards:

      • All courses in the program must be completed with a grade of C or higher.

  • Additional Requirements:

    • None

Sample Plan

Sample Plan Grid
First TermCredits
CS 160Computer Science Orientation4
MTH 251Calculus I4
WR 121Academic Composition4
Second Term
CS 161Computer Science I4
MTH 252Calculus II4
Oral Communication:3-4
Writing (recommend WR 227)4
Third Term
CS 162Computer Science II4
Discipline Studies Arts & Letters3-4
Discipline Studies Social Science3-4
Discipline Studies Science/Math/Computer Science3-5
Fourth Term
CS 260Data Structures4
Discipline Studies Arts & Letters3-4
Discipline Studies Social Science3-4
Fifth Term
Discipline Studies Arts & Letters3-4
Discipline Studies Social Science3-4
Discipline Studies Science/Math/Computer Science3-5
Sixth Term
Discipline Studies Science/Math/Computer Science3-5
 Total Credits90-110

Outside of

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